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Develop Native High Performance Cross Platform 3D Apps

JD2 Release 2018 of AlgeFramework is Available

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Stick to best in class development workflows (Develop using Microsoft Tools, Package using Apple Tools)

Cross Platform (Windows, macOS, iOS), Cross IDE (Visual Studio and XCode)

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Easy Code level Integration with C++ based Thirdparty engines

Assimp/ PhysX/ Irrlicht/ FMod / OpenAL or Use inluded mimimalistic Funkit Classlets

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Unwrapped API Access, Debug Natively

Portable Base : C/C++ and OpenGL

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NATS interoperability

Connect to Microservices/ Build Multiplayer Games / Provide Remote Monitoring and Control Feautures

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No Hidden Closets

Full Source Code down to the Core

More Features More Features

Icetop Datastore

Store your information (program variables, dynamic data on the Web) on the fly. Easy to use API provides you access to an online project variable and setting storage area. Easily integrate datastore to your client and server applications with easy to use REST like API interface.

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Alge Framework

Why use it?

Jumpstart Your 3D Graphics Team. Developing 3D Graphics Apps has several barriers and a steep learning effort. Let your team concentrate on the rendering stuff and avoid all OS Boilerplate code. Focus on App logic and rendering stuffs and Call OS functions in a unified way. Develop on Windows, Publish on MSFT and AAPL stores

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E-Work Companion

Turbocharge your project hunting workflow

Our intelligent scripts will help you turbocharge your manual project bidding and hunting process by a factor of 10 at least. Our automation scripts will exsure you never miss a project opportunity from your favourite work sites like ,, and etc to snap catch and fish out the most related project requests by storing the project posts, picking more relevant projects and bidding system with machine learning based suggestion. Never miss an opportunity and stay ahead of the competetion by our blazing fast tried and tested process.

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AlgeFramework JD2 Release (Pay Later)


Portability without Overhead

AlgeFramework does not provide you a wrapped up interface, emlulators or simulators like other SDK's, your app is built Natively, tested Nateively and Run Natively, Your app issues API calls directly while AlgeFrameworks provides for calling OS intrinsics in a unified way, it provides you real time information (time / sensor data) alongwith each frame for update logic, pushes all system events (screen/ keyboard/ mouse/ touch events) ia a Queue to be processed at App's convenience. It does not wrap low level API, it facilities your issuance of low level calls. Base Framework uses portable technologies (OpenGL and C++). Performs all Platform Dependent Code and lets the App do the rest.










Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Starter Pack
  • Desktop (Windows) Platform
  • Funkit Included
  • -
  • 10+ Feature Samples
  • 2x App Samples
  • Email Setup Support
  • -
  • $ 49, Upfront Payment with no royalty bindings

  • Full SDK
  • Desktop (Windows, macOS) and Mobile (iOS, Android) Platforms
  • Funkit Included
  • NATS Interface (Windows)
  • 10+ Feature Samples
  • 2x App Samples
  • Email Setup Support
  • Remote Technical Support
  • $ 499, Upfront payment with no royalty bindings